May 1

To kick off my birthday month, I put fear in a headlock!

I know people love my yoga class (they tell me and graciously tell others) but I needed to turn this positivity into website testimonials to encourage client growth.  I read that the best way to get testimonials is to ASK for them via survey, so I created a survey, but then it sat for weeks.  I consider myself pretty fearless and self aware, but when remembered the survey, I got a lightning fast fear flicker of “Ugh! They’ll think I’m begging for compliments! Helllllls NO!”  The thoughts occurred so quickly, I nearly missed them. Remembering my birthday month goals, I grabbed the surveys and headed out for class.

I explained to the class that it was my birthday month and my month long celebration plans, handed out the surveys, waited, got a little sweaty, sweat a bit more and collected them.  But now, holding these surveys in my still sweaty hands, I am floored by the hand written word treasures before me.  I consider each one a valuable birthday gift.  All the positivity far outweighs the awkwardness I felt  I’m so excited to put them up on my website.  I am fired up!  What other birthday gifts that await me if I continue the FEAR SMACK DOWN all month long?  Huhhhhh Yaaaaa!


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