May 2

Today is my actual birthday!  It has been an utterly fabulous day.  I was awakened by my husband and children with my first gift, a home made music video.  My husband has exceptional talent for capturing special moments and artfully assembling them into big meaningful gifts.  It is something I will cherish for the rest of my life. Absolutely priceless.

Keeping my birthday month promise to myself I did something that is important to me that I rarely seem to find time to do: visit my wise and wholly beautiful grandmother (Grammy) who lives 2 hours away.  We had a joyous time, talking about everything and nothing at all.  She has an intoxicating effect on me, making me feel peaceful and deeply rooted in her presence.  My mother passed away several years ago, and seeing Grammy reminds me of my mother (I know she thinks of my mom when she sees me too).  The three hours I was there felt like 20 minutes.  I am psyched I finally made time for the trip because there was nothing I wanted to do more.

Gorgeous cards, phone calls, texts and emails came in from people I love, which warmed my heart again and again.  Its a good thing I’ve got 29 more days to celebrate, I just don’t want this to end!


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