My Birthday Month: May 3

When Alx Rose sang “I used to do a little, but the little got too little, so the little got more and more,” I believe he was referring to coffee.

Knowing that coffee can negatively impact my yoga practice, leech essential vitamins and minerals from my body, cause my system to become acidic, mess up my sleep and cause dehydration, I kicked coffee in early fall 2011.  But when the clocks changed, I started texting it, then flirting with it, then dating it, and now, well, we are hopelessly in love and living in sin.  Yes, of course it messed with my meditation practice, I felt anxiety I haven’t felt in months,  and I don’t sleep as deeply, but its sooooo tasty and exhilarating.

The last time I quit coffee I went cold turkey and suddenly, everywhere I looked there were coffee cups, I saw zillions of people taking long, loud sips with every flourish imaginable, and I even smelled phantom coffee when there was none around.  It reminded me of when my first boyfriend dumped me.  He had a red and black Jeep and suddenly, every car on the road seemed to be a red and black Jeep.  Even lady bugs made me cry.

I read that the herbs oat straw and nettle, along with slowly lowering coffee intake, can help release the iron grip of the coffee monkey on one’s back.  I known its past time to quit but I hadn’t placed the order for the herbs, I kept putting it off.  Keeping in mind my birthday month credo, I bought the herbs today and made myself a nice shot of the coffee junky anecdote.   I am on the path to salvation!!!

In addition, I had 4 tough conversations today, ones I would have put off for awhile.  I reached out for help when I stubbornly and wrongly was telling myself I didn’t need it, gave out more surveys to my clients (not nearly as awkward this time around) and I took a yoga class instead of doing housework.  My daughter had to sleep in her non-favorite pajamas, but that’s okay.  There’s still some day left, and there’s always tomorrow.

Lastly, a picture from last night’s birthday celebration with my family:

It’s a clementine with a candle.  Cake makes my blood sugar crash so I haven’t been eating it for a few birthdays, but I always felt like I was missing out.  Not this year!


5 thoughts on “My Birthday Month: May 3

  1. You are a brave woman to give up coffee! I don’t need it and can do without it, but if you told me I couldn’t have my nightly glass of wine, I’d have to hurt you. So I understand where you are coming from. And thank you for the Axl quote from my favorite Guns ‘n’ Roses song of all time! Your birthday month is going great. I want to try the rock climbing place, too.

  2. ahhhhh, the infamous red and black jeep from back in the day……… You’ve come a long way baby!!

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