May 5

I LOVE hiking, and I LOVE hiking as a family.  We have our favorite outings, but today, in keeping with my birthday month promise of being amazed by this world, we went to Pruyn Sanctuary.

It was the perfect place to spend time with my family, enjoy nature, do some yoga, and just plain have fun.

In one of the pictures, the girls and I are looking at tadpoles.  In that very moment, a circa 1981 time capsule opened in my brain.  I was age 8, standing over a puddle of tadpoles at a soccer field (now I know that a tadpole puddle indicates poor drainage and are mosquito breeding grounds).  My legs were so cold they were salami-colored, my shin guards was sticking slimily to my legs and I was, as always, starving.   Today I vividly remembered a typical dinner back then.  My father (now a 20+ year vegetarian) wielding newly minted Henkel knives and explaining the importance of cutting London Broil “against the grain”, and my mother fancy-ing up carrots by adding a splash of raspberry vinegar or some tarragon.  Herbie Mann at the Village Gate played in the background, or was it Crosby, Stills & Nash?

So yes, I was amazed by the world today.  Pruyn Sanctuary was full of lush vegetation, alive with animals, and offered a symphony of sounds.  I was especially astounded by the time travel inducing power of those tiny tadpoles.


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