My Birthday Month: May 4

In January, I walked into the local indoor rock climbing place to drop off yoga flyers, and I was immediately filled with longing and intrigue.  I was with my children, so I couldn’t start climbing at that moment, but I decided to return as soon as possible for date night.  Over the next few days, I kept daydreaming about the squishy floors, the genuinely friendly people, and of course, the walls.   Then a typical cocktail kicked in:  failed attempts at getting babysitters mixed with obligations and a twist of laziness on the rocks.

But recently, magic occurred, I learned from my sweet neighbor that I have 2 capable babysitters within feet of my front door.  The one that came last night had an aura of calming energy.  Graham and I were tired from the workweek, and we could have gone out for dinner, but remembering my birthday month vow, we went rock climbing.

I was excited to get there, but a had a little fear spritzer while I was figuring out the harness.  As a recovering Type A and someone who has taken too many epidemiology courses, I began to wonder about the risk of getting a communicable disease from the harness.  Silly, I know.

Graham’s excitement put me back on the right track.  He’s a genius.

My very own Spiderman!  Go Graham!

Verdict: It was awesome, the best date we’ve had in years, and I can’t wait to go back.  I loved the physical sensations, how Ujjayyi breath made the experience sweeter, and the thrill of repelling. The holds were metaphors for life: just because one LOOKED like it was the right choice meant nothing, I didn’t know if it really was until I TRIED it.


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