May 6

On May 6, I exercised my Birthday Month promise to increase the positivity in my life.    I firmly believe that positivity begets positivity and the more we can absorb, the easier life’s challenges will be.  Actually, the day started off ugly, my halved dose of caffeine (ouch) led to difficulty locating my mojo and my keys.  I got to the studio where I teach yoga a mere 15 minutes before my class started so I had little warm up time.  I worried this would impair my ability to demonstrate the postures properly and I wondered how I would find the energy to take me through the rest of my day. My amazing Sunday clients arrived and as I began to guide them through the practice, all the negative thoughts left me and I filled with light.  Teaching yoga is one of my favorite things to do!

With my mojo firmly intact, Graham, the girls, and I made a pilgrimage to the motherland (Wallingford, Connecticut) for my niece’s 12th birthday party.  It was a sparkle bomb of positivity, I was surrounded by family I adore wholeheartedly and to see my niece rocking her birthday girl spirit was energizing.  I made a conscious effort to absorb all of the hugs, laughter, and love that surrounded me.

We returned home to meet a new babysitter (lovely and over qualified) and went to dinner at the beautiful Bedford Post Inn with my in laws.  I stayed 100% present as we chatted (of a very special upcoming wedding, travel plans, dreams, and pets), ate, and most importantly, laughed.

I crawled into bed spent but smiling and thankful for people that filled my day.


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