May 7

BIG NEWS!  I’m pregnant…with a big, fat, adorable, bouncing IDEA.  To be honest, I don’t know all the aspects of the idea yet, but I am working out the details.  I spent the day increasing positivity again.  Today, the focus was on business, so I looked to the following “idea doulas” who provide me positive career inspiration: Marie Forleo, Laura Roeder and Danielle LaPorte.  I am learning from these empowerment masters because I want to be prepared when my idea baby is born.  A good mom is always prepared.

I also spent the day solidifying Mother’s Day plans, putting those delicious and generous testimonials on my website, and dealing with a few issues I’ve been putting off FOREVER.

It all feels so dang good!  I am enjoying My Birthday Month with my whole body, mind and spirit.  I hope these posts are inspiring ideas for your birthday month.


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