May 8

Today was awesome!

The studio where I lead most of my classes has a temporary wall that can be slid open.  Now, my classes aren’t overcrowded currently, but once I realized the wall can be opened, I started dreaming about someday NEEDING that wall to open.   Today, I asked the studio owner to show me how.  Learning how to open that wall created a rush of ideas, as if a temporary wall opened in my brain.  How positively amazing and simple!

After my classes, I had such energy I honored my birthday month by doing something that scares me:  going to The Home Depot!  Alone!  To buy a power tool!  To use by myself!  Even though it stinks in there!  I am forever amazed by people who are not overwhelmed by that place.  I always send Graham in alone and stay in the car watching the masses of people parading out, wearing identical smug expressions and trotting as proudly as show ponies.   Today I galloped like a Triple Crown winner into the parking lot!  I chose this red hot hunk of iron:

Its a weed wacker! I’ve got the battery charging and will read the manual tonight.  At first light, as long as the weather cooperates, I am going to take down some weeds!  Yeeeee haaawww!


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