May 10

I looked out my window this morning at a world that appeared to be scrubbed clean…ahhhhh!  Then the household mess came into focus…noooooo!  Oh right, I promised to celebrate my birthday month and STILL maintain my jobs and daily duties.  I had planned to take a yoga class, but looking around my house, I (slightly resentfully) decided I should tackle chores instead.  So my “yoga class” went like this:

Inhale, discover that laundry in washer has gone stinky, sigh loudly and press rewash

Breathe shakily as I consider the natural resources being wasted

Exhale, squat, disengage clothes from dryer

Inhale, activate uddiyana and lift laundry basket

Trying realllllyy hard to keep heart open, carry laundry up 2 flights of stairs

Exhale and drop laundry basket loudly

Inhale, lengthen, exhale with great force and attitude into a forward bend, retrieving dropped sock

Fold laundry, decide to appreciate warmth and textures, and enjoy long slow breaths

(the magic of yoga kicks in and grumpiness dissipates)

Inhale, notice feelings of thankfulness while folding yoga pants.  Exhale, think “my work clothes are comfy, non constricting and machine washable!”

Inhale, notice that even after washing, my family’s laundry still smells like them, in a good way.  Exhale, think “I’m a lucky woman!”

I worked in as many half moons, standing splits and warrior 3s as possible while picking up toys, shoes, clothes and other discarded items.

Housework should always be done this way.


One thought on “May 10

  1. this is the second time this week I have come across this type of attitude shift regarding the change in thinking from ‘the things we have to do’ and transforming it into ‘the things we get to do’. Thank you for reinforcing this message for me.

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