May 9

Sometimes, I say things that make people look like they want to punch me.  I say these things because they are true, not because I want to upset people.  The top 3 are:

  • True indulgences have no negative consequences.
  • How am I?  Well, you know, livin’ the dream.
  • Rainy days are a gift because they make the greens look greener.
May 9 was rainy, but a dear friend and I went on a hike (in muddy woods I’d never seen before) anyway.  Here is proof that the greens are greener on rainy days:
It was absolutely glorious!  Do you see the green, it looks almost alien, right? And that turtle was positively adorable.
Close to the end of the day, I became as exhausted as a girl who has been celebrating her birthday all month long though. I went to take a 15 minute rest, and I Rip Van Winkled my way through the night.  The sound of the rain was so soothing, I wasn’t even bothered by the fact I was fully dressed.  Another benefit of celebrating my birthday month: my family let me sleep, special treatment indeed.

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