May 14

Another magically indulgent day!

Today was the last day I had with my sister before she returns to London and I was primed for another birthday month adventure. So many options ran through my head, but the decision ended up being easy; my sister only packed adorable shoes so we went for a stroll.

The Hudson River is glorious and not far from my home.  I love the light, it reminds me of childhood vacations on Martha’s Vineyard.  I like to peek under the Tappan Zee Bridge at the George Washington Bridge, it amazes me that we are so close to New York City though our surroundings of quiet greenery are not city-like at all.  The abandoned industrial buildings make me wonder what the area was like decades ago and provokes daydreams of how I would develop the area if I had the opportunity.  The tidy, large windowed, newly constructed townhouses affirm my plan of downsizing prior to retirement.  I imagine my 65 year old self with shoulder length white hair, smart clothes and a face thats been aged by years of smiling.  My forehead, however, has remained smooth because I am unburdened by concerns like weeds, chipping paint and cricket infestations!

The light drizzle did not make the walk less enjoyable, it actually made a journey into a wildflower path more enchanting.  As our stroll came to an end, we spotted a rare sight:  a queen bee eating from a beautiful flower.  Taking a few moments to witness their symbiotic relationship in action brought me peace.


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