May 15

I finally recovered from Sunday’s public speaking, so this morning, I did something even more terrifying to me, I spoke on camera.  Yikes!

Maybe this doesn’t sound as adventurous as some of my other birthday month feats, but to me, it was the bravest yet.  Like many people, I am critical of myself in photographs, but unlike many people, I am horribly critical of my voice too.  I am the sort of gal who has to record her voicemail message over 20 times.  This caused me much embarrassment during my cubicle days!  But when my lovely sister in law, who works as a producer, asked me to help her with a video project, I found myself taking strides to make it happen.  It was like slowly eating a double decker butterfly egg sandwich that hatched in my stomach as soon as the video camera was aimed at me. Here’s the final product which may become a tiny part of a video on demand travel show.

Not great, but not shame inducing either, especially for a first and only take.  Maybe it is really bad and I don’t even know it from all the yoga induced self acceptance and birthday month power I have these days, but I’m not going to over think here.   I have plans to eventually shoot public health yoga videos and this was a nice way to get used to being on camera.

It is amazing the way dread builds up in our minds.  These are wasted thoughts that unnecessarily deplete energy and mojo we need to make our lives excellent.  Today was a very good lesson for me.

Additionally, I had the opportunity to assist children with their very first voting experience, with real polling booths!   To see their tiny fingers make selections was really sacred.  The parade of proud faces emerging from the booth was truly priceless.  Their votes will shape the future and I was absolutely honored to assist them.


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