May 17

I missed my Thursday morning class again for reasons beyond my control.  Honestly, I was quite angry about it.  Sometimes, sadly, life gets in the way of yoga class.  But life doesn’t have to get in the way of yoga practice!  Keeping in mind my birthday month promises, I found a way to put those negative thoughts aside and get some deep yoga in at home.  While I am comfortable with a solitary practice at home, sometimes I need a little outside inspiration…via a secret yoga portal called YouTube.

I came across a clip of a yogi doing an arm balance I’ve been wobbly in for months.  EXCEPT, she got into the pose in a different manner that I’d been, held it forever, did a dazzling dismount and made it look easy.  I was impressed.  I grabbed my favorite couch cushion (facial crash pad) and gave it a try.

Here it is, my own YouTube video of Matsyendrasana bind to Eka Pada Koundiyasana to chatarunga, up dog, down dog.  No crash pad required.  Yeeee haaaa!


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