May 18 and 19

I’ve been having so much fun I didn’t have time to blog about it.  On Friday, I had awesome people come to my house for dinner.  They are such lovely people, they deserve a fancy home cooked meal on the good plates complete with tiny hors d’oeuvres and some sort of flambeed dessert.  My mother just may have been Martha Stewart’s muse, I was brought up seeing all kinds of homemade lavish affairs, so in my head, that kind of fuss is the right thing to do. But I ordered pizza instead.  This is a dinner party I’ve been meaning to have for a year now, and it hadn’t happened so I simplified and enjoyed it.

Saturday, we visited my brother and my sister in law at their new home.  They are expecting a new baby soon.  Seeing all the baby gear set up, their excitement shooting out of every pore and they way they’ve feathered their perfect nest was so heartwarming.  We got to see where this new baby will play, swim, and picnic.  This is one lucky child! Best of all, his (favorite) aunt is only 40 minutes away!  I tried to stay present, but my mind kept drifting to the future, when the baby arrives, when the baby is walking, when the baby can climb up the slide (which I shared is the #1 playground injury, in case I forget to tell them later on).

With all the excitement going on, I noticed that my youngest really crabby for the past 2 days.  She’d woken up in the night and reverted to some behaviors we thought were behind us.   I kept asking her what was wrong, checked her ears, her forehead, kept giving her healthy food, but whatever it was driving this behavior remained a mystery.  On Saturday, I reached for her hand more than I usually do and I asked her more questions while I gave her a massage.  She told me about a truly terrible dream she kept having.  I was sad for her, but so pleased I finally cracked the code!  Once those words were out she was back to her normal sweet self and slept throughout the night.


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