May 20 and 21

Two more pleasure-filled days of effortless ease!  This Birthday Month project is proving that positivity begets positivity.  I am getting many things accomplished, but nothing feels like work.

Sunday was so lovely and warm I expected to have a small yoga class, but it was the largest Sunday class I’d had since winter.  The room was filled with amazing people, who readily shared their enthusiasm and spirit.  After class, I went to Greenwich Point Park with my family for a day at the beach.  To me, the first beach day of the year has the same magic as the first snowfall.  Seeing my kids making sand angels, playing waterside as the tide went out, coming to me for damp-toweled hugs and exploring for treasures with Graham reminded me of the idyllic summertime days of my childhood.  After dinner, even though we were tired, I brought the girls to the local track so they could log more miles for a marathon fundraiser.  They ran so proudly and effortlessly it was like they were being carried by air.  My girls have not shown interest in sports and this has worried me, but clearly, they going to be the Venus and Serena of the track world.

Today I walked through a stunning nature preserve with my neighbor, whom I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know very recently.  All those years of just smiling and waving?  Well, I’ve been missing out!  I’m loving how this Birthday Month celebration is pulling me away from my typical day to day activities.  I feel refreshed and ALIVE!


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