May 24

I’m still working on my big, juicy, multi day project, but I’ve taken breaks from it to enjoy multiple yoga classes, some time with the kids and hubby, cooking, cleaning and planning the last few days of my birthday month.

Yesterday was a lesson in positivity begets positivity. I attended a morning yoga class with my mentor, the fabulous Tao Porchon-Lynch.   Sometimes my mind drifts in class, but it didn’t once yesterday.   I wish I could determine what the magic formula was, but I can’t.   The whole experience was so delicious and fulfilling that something magic happened during Savassana: I felt my chakras linking.  Starting with my root chakra, I felt a fluttering, like a butterfly, slowly moving through me.   It slowed a bit at my heart chakra (I guess I need to work on that area).  At the throat chakra, the poor butterfly got completely stuck like naughty Augustus visiting Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory (big time work to do), but it eventually fluttered through my head and beyond.  Afterwords, I felt nearly overwhelmed with calm and peace.


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