May 25 and 26

Now time for the big REVEAL. My project is finished and it was a tough one!  I composed a track in Garage Band and recorded one of my mediations over it.  The learning curve was steep music wise since I have never played an instrument, but the voice part was even trickier.

I remembered what I learned in a yoga workshop (the voice is an exhalation) and what a friend told me (drink lots of water so the voice is smooth).  Roadblocks included my seltzer addiction, the train passing constantly, my lack of time (especially alone time), general bits of self consciousness, and a poor mic.  I walked into Sam Ash for the first time and bought a microphone with birthday money from my Grammy.  My husband took the kids out on a few adventures so I could have the house to myself.  I capped my seltzer, chugged water, did some yoga then went to my newly tricked out meditation corner and made it happen.

Here it is, my birthday month gift to each of you!  You can download it or just stream it.  Indulge whenever you need a little dose of zen.

It was fun but it really showed me that I have more patience and persistence than I realized.   I never would have done this if it weren’t for my birthday month promise to myself.  Now that I know Garage Band and have my own mic, the possibilities are endless.  More meditations, some Von Trapp family style projects, and maybe a Christmas album.  Kidding!


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