May 27

Veggies are magic!

At my house, dinnertime is crazy making, I want to serve healthy food, we have a picky eater, and everyone wants something different. Needless to say, I get scorchingly crabby about it. We have gotten into a rut of eating the same very few items we can all agree on and its just not right!  Providing my family a wide array of nutritious foods is important to me, so in honor of my birthday month, I made steps to break the cycle.

My brother gave me the idea of preparing a weekly menu awhile ago.  I finally sat the kids down and asked them to identify foods they would eat for dinner, added some agreed-upon veggies and came up with a plan.  I snazzed it up with a couple of their favorite characters, posted the plan in the kitchen, and the kids were floored.  Now the hubster and I know what to cook, what to buy, the kids are excited and hopefully this will make for a smoother suppertime.  Fingers crossed.

Here it is, ready for editing at your house!



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