May 30

On the 30th day she rested…nope.  There will be plenty of time for that in June!

The day started with an very early yoga class at a place I’d never been along the Hudson.  I enjoyed a deliciously deep practice (including an assisted handstand yayy!), then I got to teach a class at an investment company and I loved every second of it.

After dinner, when homework wasn’t done, my husband got home late, the kids were not bathed and the dishes were stacked HIGH, we went for a walk across a recently opened bridge (its been closed since 9/11) as a family at sunset.  It was amazing to sneak that last little bit of bliss into the day.  The kids didn’t ask any questions about 9/11 which hopefully indicates that my explanation of it a few days ago didn’t scar them.

One last surprise: I found out I get to lead yoga at a community event for local families…I’m utterly thrilled!


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