May 31

The last day of my birthday month was happy and quiet.  I enjoyed a breakfast date with my husband and felt fortunate that he found time for me even though his workload is currently massive.   He has been my cheerful co-pilot/sherpa/DJ/tech support/green juice barista/Liz Lemon all month long despite his long hours at work. My morning yoga practice was blissful, I was open to receiving each posture with my whole self, it was as if my body was an instrument being played by some outside force. Then I got to lead a class of well behaved preschoolers, giant souls in tiny bodies, happy to mold themselves into asanas without fear or doubt.  I spent time with my children after school, we chatted, revealed secrets, read and laughed.  Then I left to lead another class, with clients I really enjoy.  My last stop of the day was at the track, where I will be providing a demo tomorrow, to check how the turf felt barefoot.  Verdict: soft like fur!  Score!

Between all these “to dos” I reflected a bit and felt pleased that the last day was gentle, peace-filled and surrendering, like savasana after a long, challenging yoga practice.


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