My name is Karen and May is my birthday month.  I will be turning 39 on May 2!  I am a wife, a mom, a yoga instructor, a nutrition geek, a volunteer, a harvester, and a positive lifestyle seeker.  I believe enjoyment builds up in our bodies and helps us get through inevitable life upsets, so I celebrate everything I can.

This year, I decided to celebrate in a really positive way.  I have committed to:
  • do things that scare me
  • do things that I say are important to me but never seem to find the time to do
  • to increase positive influence in my life
  • to disempower (and disembowel) negative forces
  • to be amazed by the world

I want to do all this and still maintain my jobs and my daily duties. I will take action, even if the action is inaction, so that when June hits, I have some more positive forces working for me.  Those are the gifts that will sustain me through the rest of the year.

Why share this with the world?  I hope that this will you to take your own birthday journey.  You deserve it too!


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